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The UX of AI with AskTuebora.ai

At Tuebora we design experiences that transform Identity Governance & Lifecycle. Since the company’s founding we have methodically paced an evolutionary process of User Experience with a focus on pragmatic client and potential client interaction. We don’t rely on platitudes like “put the user first” or “design a user-centric ecosystem”. We work with our audience to build collaborative and communication-generated IGA solutions.

Our first step is a mix of generative and evaluative research that relies on dialogue from many facets and comes full circle with an internal and external cross-functional, cross-company (very important and unique) drive toward each release.

At its inception, Tuebora’s identity product was supported with foundational machine learning capabilities, and as AI has become more robust, dynamic, and interactive we have leveraged new insights to develop a user platform for our rock-solid machine learning characteristics. Enter AskTuebora.ai. More important than rapidly evolving AI knowledge and capabilities is how Artificial Intelligence shapes the way we feel and behave when interacting with technology and in our everyday lives. We will think in ways that evolve our potential rapidly, and since this means everyone, it also means people with malicious intent – bad actors. Nowhere in the Identity realm is this multi-faceted landscape taken into account more than at Tuebora. We build AI based on our diverse values that start at our core and are shaped by the needs of actual people within our company and our client companies. We need to understand our clients’ values and diversity to understand the underlying needs of identities. We balance predictability with ongoing observation driven by our Natural Language User Interface (NLUI) to serve the right information at the right time to the right people. To do this one of our key tenets is not to solely focus on single tasks. We look at questions posed to AskTuebora.ai as an opportunity to define and complete tasks holistically and achieve goals. We look at the human limitation of menu interaction (siloed) and work to provide feedback in a broader more meaningful context. The old adage holds true; you don’t know what you don’t know. If I’m posing a specific question about a task that I am trying to complete, I am by nature very narrowly focused on success and time-to-completion. Using AskTuebora.ai, our IGA-focused AI takes the user profile and function that a given user base holds and offers an ongoing curation of responses based on prediction and trajectory toward the concepts of Identity success and the success of values and goals that user’s company embraces. If I ask a question that has related characteristics to a larger task within the system or interrelated elements where there has previously been a lag or some element of confusion. AskTuebora makes suggestions based on holistic elements involved in the – to me - very specific task I am trying to complete. With our AI offering, there is now the possibility of knowing what I didn’t know as well as the serendipity of breaking out of the historically necessary but antiquated archetype of menu-driven navigation and workflow. Our research and analysis shows that this advances not only success rates, but also shows a marked increase in human cognition and forward movement in curiosity and experimentation.

Through AskTuebora.ai in concert with the passion to learn all about our user audience, we are able to more effectively communicate results, increase confidence, and allow the users and the company to keep control not only in how AskTuebora.ai is increasing insights and efficiency, but also AI input and output with strong and unique security protocols in place. By releasing AskTuebora.ai to feedback and curiosity right from its inception we are setting expectations instead of plastering AI catch phrases over everything we do. And over time, our partnership with our user audience in developing and integrating AskTuebora.ai at the right time for the right reasons will allow us to integrate truly meaningful AI into Identity business workflows for the strongest analysis, revelation, and recommendations that the IGA community has ever seen.

We’ll be at Identiverse in Las Vegas, Nevada showcasing our data-driven results. Come by booth 2309, have a discussion, and watch the product in action.



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