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Hi, I'm Brian Iverson, Tuebora's new Chief Product Officer. I'm excited to be working with Tuebora and our customers to advance the practice of identity governance and administration (IGA) in the marketplace. This is a passion project for me and there isn't anything I would rather be doing right now.

Although I have evaluated Tuebora's products over the years, first as a Gartner analyst and then as a potential customer, there is so much more for me to learn about Tuebora. Before I can be confident enough to jump in and add or change items on our products' roadmaps, I will be working with my colleagues and talking with customers to gain a deeper understanding of Tuebora's products. I can't wait to meet everyone in and around the world of Tuebora. I'm confident that we will do great things together.

I'm excited about the opportunity to use Tuebora's blog to communicate with the community not only about Tuebora's products, but also to talk about general IAM topics. Over the years I have accumulated a wide-ranging philosophy around IAM, only a small part of which was revealed in my published research and conference presentations while I was at Gartner. Having this blog as an outlet will give me an opportunity to "stretch my legs" and explore a variety of IAM-related topics.

(Register for my first Tuebora Webinar on the topic of Building Intuitive Identity Governance which will occur on September 14th at 11 am CT)

Readers should expect to see me pop up here on the blog at least once a week. Although some of my posts will be overtly marketing-oriented (I am responsible for product management after all), you can expect the majority of my content to be focused on IAM technology and practices that should be applicable to most IAM practitioners, customers and non-customers alike. I’ll also be doing a few webinars about what I’ve seen and experienced during my five years as a Gartner analyst specializing in identity and access management and as former VP of IAM Strategy for Bank of America. The first webinar will be Building Intuitive Identity Governance. Just click the link if you’d like to get more information and register.

Feel free to reach out to me (e-mail link is above) if you would like me to consider a specific topic or question in a future blog post.






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5 IAM Metrics You Need to Track

As with many other business strategies and solutions, it’s useful to track metrics and get tangible performance measurements. Without metrics, decision-making is slower and you lack proper visibility into the security hazards associated with digital identities. Here are five useful IAM metrics to help monitor the implementation of an IAM system. 

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How IAM Empowers a Digital Transformation Strategy

Whether to deliver a better customer experience or to improve productivity, digital transformation integrates technology into all areas of the business to help achieve these types of goals. This article describes how a dedicated, modern IAM solution empowers a successful digital transformation strategy. 

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5 Things to Look for in an Identity Governance Solution


Identity governance solutions help businesses efficiently manage user access to applications and other network resources over the lifecycle of each user identity. Granting access and maintaining visibility over that access and ensuring compliance with internal and external policies is a full-time job. Too much reliance on manual identity governance is expensive, inefficient, and risky. 


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Using IAM to Eliminate Barriers to Business Productivity


Within a complex modern corporate network, properly managing user identities is both a productivity challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to meet that core security aim of securely managing user access while balancing that with providing the right people with the right access at the times they need it. This article describes the central role a robust identity and access management strategy and solution plays in balancing security with productivity. 

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Digital Identity Management in the Public Sector

The global pandemic provided an important opportunity for public sector departments to transform how they let citizens access crucial services. Demand surged for citizens wanting to access benefit claims, information on Covid vaccinations, and other important public services. This article describes the central role digital identities and their secure management plays in shaping the public sector’s future. 

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Identity Attack Vectors (Methods and Tactics)

Identity attack vectors extend the surface area for cyber attacks beyond the open ports, database vulnerabilities, and insecure protocols that malicious intruders often seek to exploit. The purpose of identity attacks is to compromise identities on a network and impersonate that identity for a nefarious purpose. This article describes identity attack vectors by focusing on the methods and tactics used to take over compromised identities on a corporate network. 

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Analyzing the Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack from An Identity Management Perspective


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Identity as the New Network Perimeter

Whether you’re talking about devices or users, identity is the common factor that enables or weakens an organization’s information security posture. Proper identity and access management:

  1. provides users and devices with the right level of access matching their role and responsibility,
  2. supports and provides statistical analysis of processes that include authorization and certification to determine compliance
  3. highlight IAM process inefficiencies and,  
  4. help you discover and remove accounts that are no longer in use or are no longer needed for a job function.

This article describes how identity functions as the new network perimeter within the modern corporate network infrastructure. 

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Entitlement Creep (What is it and How to Reduce it with Automated Identity Governance?)


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