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Identity is the New Network Perimeter

Gone are the days when the castle wall perimeter approach could protect your corporate network. The distributed nature of modern enterprise systems and the lack of an obvious physical boundary calls for a better solution – where identity is the new gatekeeper.

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Identity as the New Network Perimeter

Whether you’re talking about devices or users, identity is the common factor that enables or weakens an organization’s information security posture. Proper identity and access management:

  1. provides users and devices with the right level of access matching their role and responsibility,
  2. supports and provides statistical analysis of processes that include authorization and certification to determine compliance
  3. highlight IAM process inefficiencies and,  
  4. help you discover and remove accounts that are no longer in use or are no longer needed for a job function.

This article describes how identity functions as the new network perimeter within the modern corporate network infrastructure. 

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Entitlement Creep (What is it and How to Reduce it with Automated Identity Governance?)


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