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Brian Iverson

Brian Iverson
Brian is Tuebora's Chief Product Officer, bringing 25+ years of IAM experience to Tuebora's solutions and customers.
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Hi, I'm Brian Iverson, Tuebora's new Chief Product Officer. I'm excited to be working with Tuebora and our customers to advance the practice of identity governance and administration (IGA) in the marketplace. This is a passion project for me and there isn't anything I would rather be doing right now.

Although I have evaluated Tuebora's products over the years, first as a Gartner analyst and then as a potential customer, there is so much more for me to learn about Tuebora. Before I can be confident enough to jump in and add or change items on our products' roadmaps, I will be working with my colleagues and talking with customers to gain a deeper understanding of Tuebora's products. I can't wait to meet everyone in and around the world of Tuebora. I'm confident that we will do great things together.

I'm excited about the opportunity to use Tuebora's blog to communicate with the community not only about Tuebora's products, but also to talk about general IAM topics. Over the years I have accumulated a wide-ranging philosophy around IAM, only a small part of which was revealed in my published research and conference presentations while I was at Gartner. Having this blog as an outlet will give me an opportunity to "stretch my legs" and explore a variety of IAM-related topics.

(Register for my first Tuebora Webinar on the topic of Building Intuitive Identity Governance which will occur on September 14th at 11 am CT)

Readers should expect to see me pop up here on the blog at least once a week. Although some of my posts will be overtly marketing-oriented (I am responsible for product management after all), you can expect the majority of my content to be focused on IAM technology and practices that should be applicable to most IAM practitioners, customers and non-customers alike. I’ll also be doing a few webinars about what I’ve seen and experienced during my five years as a Gartner analyst specializing in identity and access management and as former VP of IAM Strategy for Bank of America. The first webinar will be Building Intuitive Identity Governance. Just click the link if you’d like to get more information and register.

Feel free to reach out to me (e-mail link is above) if you would like me to consider a specific topic or question in a future blog post.






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