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Don’t Ask Tuebora the winning lottery numbers

At Tuebora, we’re on an Identity Governance & Administration AI journey that we think you’ll find intriguing and compelling.

As our data scientists finalize our newest IGA UI with Natural Language AI interaction, we've decided to open a beta version of our AI-driven creation to the public for feedback. This open approach allows us to gather input directly from users before the final release. That information will enable us to refine and perfect the machine learning algorithm already present and the new real-time interaction feedback for rapid and continuous AI evolution in the IGA space.

For those unfamiliar with our mission, we're focused on simplifying IGA program deployments and operations, particularly for those lacking large and/or highly specialized resources for multi-faceted access, management, and governance environments. We firmly believe that an intuitive, interactive interface is instrumental in relieving administrators from the burden of mundane tasks, thereby enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives.

While our product is still in development, we've made a demo available at akstuebora.ai to observe how people interact with our engine. Our goal was to validate whether users would ask questions like, "How many users do I have?" or issue commands such as "Add Brantley Foster as a new employee in Mailroom." As expected, we've received valuable interactions from industry professionals, providing us with insights to enhance our development process.

However, due to not explicitly stating that questions should relate to IGA, we received some unexpected and amusing inquiries. Among them, one individual asked, "What will be the winning lottery numbers?" This prompted the title of our article.

While we hope this individual hit the jackpot or found other means of raising capital for their next venture, we ask our audience interacting with our AI to stay within the realm of IAG.

Despite the humorous moments, we're committed to continuing our research and encouraging participation. Our official product launch is scheduled for May, and we're excited to showcase it at Identiverse in Las Vegas from May 28-30, where Tuebora is a Platinum sponsor. We invite event participants to visit booth 2309 to interact with our AI and submit questions or commands, keeping them PG13 and preferably IGA-related.

What will You (?) asktuebora.ai

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