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Tuebora Launches “Ask Tuebora”, a Generative AI Tool for Identity and Access Management

Ask Tuebora natural language query engine streamlines tasks and boosts productivity

Fremont, CA – January 25, 2024: Tuebora, a leading provider of knowledgeable and interactive Identity Governance Administration (IGA) solutions, announced today the availability of Ask Tuebora, a natural language query engine designed to simplify complex workflows and automate repetitive Identity Access Management (IAM) tasks. Ask Tuebora is a generative AI tool that simulates human interaction and adapts its functionality to align with user thought processes, incorporating feedback and improving cognition with each query.

Ask Tuebora eliminates the need to learn specific system vendor terminology or multiple user interfaces. The platform is accessible across multiple devices and integrates with a wide variety of enterprise applications, reducing onboarding time and resources. By leveraging this intuitive tool, users can now simplify and automate a wide spectrum of IAM tasks such as:

  • Onboarding systems and applications
  • Managing access requests and reviews
  • Designing workflows
  • Gaining critical insights across the organization
  • Optimizing day-to-day activities for end-users, application owners and support personnel

“Organizations face many challenges with IAM, from onboarding applications to configuring them for governance tasks and complex processes,” said Sanjay Nadimpalli, CEO of Tuebora. “Ask Tuebora unlocks the true potential of generative AI, surfacing essential information to enable effective decision-making and delivering measurable efficiencies and savings through an elevated customer experience.”

As a first step in its release, Tuebora is launching a free trial of Ask Tuebora, open to IAM professionals and influencers to gather valuable feedback and further enhance the solution. Trial participants will be given a sample data set to explore how generative AI could be used in their organizations. To register for the trial, visit asktuebora.ai or watch the Ask Tuebora video to learn more.

About Tuebora

Tuebora empowers organizations to modernize legacy identity management solutions with the cloud-native services they need and align their investment with the value received. Tuebora is pioneering a knowledgeable and interactive approach to identity governance with a collaborative, self-driven platform powered by intelligence and predictive analytics. The world’s leading companies choose Tuebora to leverage proven, prescriptive processes to manage access risk, scale while reducing administrative workload, and optimize efficiency to thrive in today’s competitive environment. Learn more at tuebora.com.

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Lewis Bolla
Senior Sales Executive

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