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The Tuebora team had a great week at Identiverse hosted in beautiful downtown Boston, MA. Although Samuel Adams failed to show up in person, that did not dissuade many other IAM professionals from around the world from coming out. There was a lot to see and hear this year in terms of content from a variety of speakers and a great sampling of vendors from the IAM industry present on the show floor.

It was a great show for Tuebora and I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the high points and conversation themes I had at the booth along with my colleagues.

  • The opportunity to have two of our largest customers, a large healthcare provider from the U.S. and a large manufacturing firm from Europe both present on our behalf was tremendous. Not specifically because they mentioned Tuebora in and around their own stories but because they were honored and thrilled to speak for us. Years ago at one of my earliest employers we used the term “raving fan” in regard to customers who were willing to speak about us boldly, it was exciting to see a reason to use this term again.
  • The telling of the story of Tuebora’s use of machine learning being central to the platform architecture brought me back to the earliest days of working in this field. That time when each conversation we had with a customer included an “aha” moment. That point where they got what this industry had set out to do; reduce the administrative burden. We are bringing back the aha moment by pushing the boundaries of IAM with a true vision of reduction of administration through the use of intelligence by incorporating machine learning at our core.
  • I love being asked by both customers and solution integrators, “what is it that Tuebora does in the IAM space”? I get excited each time I get to tell the story of what we have set out to accomplish in this industry, by looking at where we came from. We are not about being “another” IAM solution in an already established industry. Tuebora’s story is about defining the next wave or as we say “The Third Wave IAM Solution”. If you don’t know what that means but it makes you just a little curious… ask me, I’ll tell you the story too.

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