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Communicate Your IAM Intent Directly to You Applications

You just boarded a transatlantic flight for that well-deserved vacation to the exotic destination, the one that has always evaded you until now. The announcement to turn off all mobile/wireless devices will happen in a few minutes and you are already visualizing being there – the fun and frolic, the experience of soaking in that private island.

Back in your Office, the terminated users’ access audit is in progress and a blip throws up an active orphaned account that needs to be disabled immediately. You are the only one in the Organization who can act on this critical revocation request. Had you logged into the system, you will see a high priority task needing your immediate action. You are not aware of the blip and the earliest possibility of you taking care of the revocation is when you land after a long flight and access the corporate network assuming there is a reliable net connectivity.

The clock starts ticking and every minute delayed can potentially cause great harm to the organization. Welcome to the real world, this is the type of scenario that is being played out regularly at many companies. The governance systems detect potential threats and generate activities in the system. BUT until the designated person logs into the system, this will remain un-attended. In the above case, it can be a solid 24 hours or more before any action is taken! If time-zones are taken into consideration, the delays can get further expanded.

Bye-bye Catch-22, Welcome IAMobile360

But what if you got an SMS alert about a change request, AND you could actually act on it with a simple SMS reply in the 2 minutes you have before you are expected to turn off your mobile device and the aircraft starts taxiing? Well, IAMobile360 from Tuebora just did that!! You can now continue to enjoy your transatlantic flight to your dream destination, knowing all too well that you have taken care of a critical organizational need. Now how is that for Instant intervention on demand that protects organizational as well as individual goals?

Tuebora takes the business of continuous compliance very seriously knowing its criticality to the enterprise. It has always been a leader in reducing the time for effective certifications with its analytics and real-time access change monitoring capabilities. It also recognized early that, the key to effective and truly continuous compliance is for business users to be notified to act on requests in the most timely, convenient and secure manner.

IAMobile360 is the latest feature that has brought this convenience to a whole new level. By providing key decision support on ubiquitous and portable devices, Tuebora ensures that except in the most of extenuating circumstances, compliance is neither put on-hold nor compromised due to unknown situations.

This “offline” functionality available on personal devices also provides an added benefit of uncomplicating delegations and reassignment configurations. Activities can now be performed by authorized “out-of-office” employees.

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