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Bushan Byragani

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You just boarded a transatlantic flight for that well-deserved vacation to the exotic destination, the one that has always evaded you until now. The announcement to turn off all mobile/wireless devices will happen in a few minutes and you are already visualizing being there – the fun and frolic, the experience of soaking in that private island.

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Have you ever walked into a store to buy something very specific but ended buying a lot more than you actually use or wanted? If you answered yes, chances are that you did not have a choice as what you wanted was packaged as part of something larger. The end result is that the extra stuff not only burnt a big hole in your pocket but also ended up taking “shelf space”.

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So you thought IAG was meant only for large companies that have thousands of employees and hundreds of applications? And IAG should primarily be used for mandated compliance? Not really….at the heart of governance is very simple principle – ensuring that there is a continuous and optimally matched set of identities and resources within the organization. More or less access to resources can result in losses to a business. More access can lead to fraud or misuse, while less access can lead to under-utilized resources or not meeting SLAs.

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